Lineman Training and Consulting

for Professional and Student Athletes

Lineman Training and Consulting

for Professional and Student Athletes

Welcome to the Willie Anderson Lineman Academy


Marvin Lewis

Head Coach - Cincinnati Bengals

"As far as a player and what he did, he played to a very, very high level. In my estimation, he's Hall of Fame."

rick trickett

Rick Trickett

FSU Offensive Line Coach

"Willie is one of the best technicians I've ever come across. In coaching a lot of times we go visit different people, visit different coaches...But I've been able to learn more from players than I have coaches. Willies Offensive Line Academy will benefit any kid of any age."

“The great
ones are
skilled athletes
and should
be handled
as such.”


The Willie Anderson Lineman Academy was an idea Anderson had since the end of his NFL career.

It is a traveling sports Academy for Lineman at all levels; Jr High, High school, College and Pro. 

He watched as other positions started training its athletes as young as 11 years old. He felt that the Offensive Linemen that he received on every level. “I believe Offensive Lineman are the new Skills position”, he quoted, “not just big guys who push guys around. “The great ones are skilled athletes and should be handled as such.”

This astute athlete has designed a system with techniques that he and countless NFL players and coaches have applied, that can also be utilized in Jr High, High School and College Levels.

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Anderson’s belief about Skill development is, “Just because you played at a high level doesn’t mean you can coach skills at that same level."

We've studied countless hours of film and have had years of coaching Offensive lineman to develop this system. The (WAT) Willie Anderson Training system is based on patience, teaching players how to block, and understanding their bodies (instead of countless drills).

The coaches at our academy represent impressive resumes consisting of a magnitude of college and Pro football experience. We have a talented team that is devoted to presenting a high-quality experience to every Athlete, whether a Jr High school kid or a NFL Pro. Mentoring athletes to be upstanding individuals is our first priority. We are aware that not every kid is going to be a D1 athlete, but if we can encourage them to be a better son, brother, teammate, and leader in the community, we’ve done our job.

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Mission Statement

The Willie Anderson Lineman Academy is committed to enhancing the confidence, strength, determination, agility, and performance of every offensive and defensive lineman under our instruction, as they strive to be the best on every level.

Willie Anderson
NFL All Pro Offensive Lineman

Training & Consulting

Do you wanna talk about Offensive Line play? Wanna talk about your son's high school situation or what drills to do for your team with Willie over the phone, email or a personal video of specific drills formulated by Willie Anderson?